About Snowflake Education

Our society is facing enormous challenges - greater than ever before in human history. But we all have the opportunity to manage them, if we all know what we can and should do. Sustainable development is complex, holistic, and full of values - it's not surprising that sustainability work can feel difficult.

In 2015, the world's countries agreed on 17 goals and 169 targets for sustainable development. The Sustainable Development Goals in Agenda 2030 are an excellent starting point for learning about sustainable development, but research has shown that much more is required beyond pure knowledge, in order to truly contribute to sustainable developmen.

We help schools and universities to integrate sustainability into all of their programs. We also help companies, government agencies, and organizations understand the sustainability challenges and discuss how they can and need to adapt their operations to take them into account.

Snowflake Education offers a complete method for teaching sustainability as an integral part of an existing course or by delivering a sustainability course. Our method is based on the principles of active learning and flipped classroom and is built on a digital platform for self-studies that are used in combination with seminars where students play board games and role-playing games (online or in the classroom).

The method improves deep learning among students, which is particularly important for developing key competencies for sustainable development such as systems thinking and critical thinking. Additionally, the method reduces the time and effort that teachers have to spend developing a sustainability angle for their course.

Snowflake Education was founded in 2016 by Dr Jon-Erik Dahlin, at the time being a university lecturer at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. With a background in fusion plasma physics and sustainable energy technology, Jon-Erik had developed a course module that introduces sustainable development from the key competencies compiled by Wiek et al (2011) and UNESCO (2017). When the course module was introduced at more and more programs, he realized that the combination of flipped classroom and game seminars would likely help more institutions integrate sustainability into more of their courses and educational programs.

We are a small but dedicated team working towards the vision that all education should be based on the Sustainable Development Goals in Agenda 2030 and that all students who graduate should have the tools they need to contribute to transforming society - with respect to both social, economic and environmental perspectives. Regardless of what profession they are trained for or what they will work in.

Today, Snowflake Education's method for teaching sustainable development, including the various educational games developed by the company or distributed by them, is used at universities and schools around the world.