Values Thinking

About the Learning Package

The Values Thinking Learning Package provides students with an opportunity to problematize sustainability solutions. They practice identifying values behind different opinions and debate various dilemmas. The learning package consists of preparation material (with video lectures, reflection tasks, and a submission assignment), a seminar (with the Dilemma board game and SDG card deck, ready-made PowerPoint files, and teacher instructions), and a follow-up assignment (submission task that challenges students to link the generic learning in the preparation task and game seminar to their own subject area).

If the entire package is used, preparatory self-studies for the student take about 5 hours, seminar materials for 3-4 hours of seminar time are included, and the follow-up assignment takes up to approximately 5 hours for the student. The entire learning package is intended to correspond to approximately 0.5 credits in the European HE system (~12-13 hours of study), but the material can be used flexibly, and additional or removed material can be added.

The learning package was originally developed for higher education and is suitable for an introduction to sustainability at both basic and advanced levels. However, with only minor modifications, it is also excellent for both high school and doctoral level as well as within professional training.

In the Values Thinking Learning Package, the following is included:

  • Access to the Snowflake Education Toolkit, our digital platform with video lectures, reflection tasks, and homework that can be given to your students as preparation before the seminar, and as a follow-up task after the seminar.
  • PowerPoint files for conducting the game seminar.
  • Instructor's manual, which helps you to set up the homework and conduct the seminar.
  • The Dilemma board game, which is an interactive tool for introducing the concept of sustainable development. The game challenges participants to step outside their comfort zone, to discuss and debate, think critically and explain key concepts to each other. One game is included (for up to 6 players), with the option to order additional games as needed for your classroom.
  • The SDG decks of cards, with the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030, which is a flexible learning tool with many different uses. We have developed four workshop activities based on the card decks, and teacher's manuals for these are included. It is also easy to develop your own activities based on these. Six card decks are included, with the option to order additional decks as needed for your classroom.
  • Digital version of the Dilemma board game that can be used with an unlimited number of students simultaneously.

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Learning Package: Values Thinking

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