Games for learning sustainability

Learning sustainability through games

Snowflake Education offers tools for creating playful learning situations through games, simulations, and role-playing - that train key competencies for sustainable development. With the help of educational games, one can practice systems thinking, normative competence, and other complex skills in a way that is both fun, entertaining, and engaging!

Games offer a unique opportunity to practice understanding and solving complex problems. By simulating real events, games can help us develop skills and practice handling challenging situations and issues before we experience them in real life.

The use of games as a teaching tool has proven to be very effective in many situations, such as expressing opposing views, simulating competition, and encouraging cooperation. Games provide a platform for interaction between individuals and an opportunity to experience simulated, complex situations that would otherwise be too expensive or difficult to establish in an educational setting.

The games we offer and the digital learning materials we have developed are specifically designed to contribute to education for sustainable development.

All our games are included as part of our learning packages


The board game Dilemma is an interactive tool for introducing the concept of sustainable development. The game challenges participants to step out of their comfort zone, to discuss and debate, think critically, and explain key concepts to each other.

Dilemma is included in the learning package Values Thinking


The simulation game FishBanks challenges participants to make strategic decisions with limited access to information. The game demonstrates 'the tragedy of the commons', and players must manage a renewable resource (fish) within the framework of a complex system.

FishBanks is included in the learning package Systems Thinking

In the Loop

The board game In the Loop is a strategy game where participants take on the role of industrial companies that must review their business models to make them more circular. The game prompts discussions about life cycle thinking by introducing the concept of critical materials.

In the Loop is included in the learning package Critical Materials and Circular Economy

SDG playing cards

The Agenda 2030 Global Goals card deck is a flexible learning tool with many different uses. We have developed four workshop activities based on the card deck, and teacher guides for these are included. It is also easy to develop your own activities based on these guides.

SDG playing cards are included in the learning package Values Thinking


The board game ClimeOut is a game about the Earth's climate system and climate change. Players compete in teams of two and challenge each other in various duels. Through the game, participants discover the fascinating climate system of the Earth in a playful way.

ClimeOut is included in the learning package on Climate Change

Online-versions of the games

All board games have corresponding online versions. For some of the games, these are almost identical to the classroom version, while some have a slightly different but corresponding interactive seminar activity. All learning packages can therefore also be held online.

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