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This project aims to improve education for sustainable development across universities and colleges, through educational board games and simulations in combination with online learning. We believe that this will increase students' long-term understanding and interest in sustainability.

In an earlier stage, a series of prototypes of educational games have been developed, in conjunction with a comprehensive online learning material for sustainability studies in higher education. Now, we are seeking support from sponsors to take this to the next step and thereby reaching a larger number of students. The project's potential is to contribute to a more sustainable future through better education of future leaders and decision-makers, particularly focusing on key competences for sustainable development such as systems thinking, values thinking, critical thinking etc.

As a sponsor of the project, you will receive:

Access to all games and learning packages (full classroom packages for in person seminars):

  • Values Thinking [6 games, Dilemma + SDG deck of cards]; value USD/EUR 1,997
  • Systems Thinking [1 game, FishBanks]; value USD/EUR 1,997
  • Earth's Climate & Climate Change [6 games, ClimeOut]; value USD/EUR 1,997
  • Life Cycle Thinking & Circular Economy [5 games, In the Loop]; value USD/EUR 1,997

All games and seminar material also in digital form, for completely online education

With our learning packages, you can deliver anywhere from a small course module that integrates into another course, to a complete course on sustainable development. Learn more about learning packages here

Access to our faculty training courses focusing on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD):

  • Teaching Sustainability in Higher Education – from Theory into Practice (self-study course), an unlimited number within one year; value USD/EUR 7,880 (based on 40 used course spots)
  • Teaching Sustainability in Higher Education - from Theory into Practice (cohort-based with online meetings and personal feedback), ten places within one year; value USD/EUR 4,950
  • Coaching Program: Sustainability Education in Higher Education, for one individual at your institution who receives comprehensive guidance; value USD/EUR 3,997

Learn more about our faculty training programs here

Collaboration for increased integration of sustainability in your education programs:

  • We have extensive experience in helping educators, program directors, and management teams to increase the integration of sustainability in education, and with progression. As our sponsor, we will enter into a deeper and long-term partnership where we will support you in the ways we can to increase and streamline your efforts in this area.

Exposure with name and logo:

Your contribution as a sponsor is extremely valuable and will help more students gain solid knowledge and skills to contribute to a sustainable transformation of our global society. As a sponsor, you will appear with exposure in the following contexts:

  • In each game box, we will include a special thank-you-printed-matter featuring our sponsors, which provides exposure to all students that will play the games, across the globe
  • We will create an information page on our website describing the project and which institutions have contributed to its funding
  • We will send out several press releases to spread knowledge and information about the project, and participate in a number of international conferences

Format and framework

The sponsorship amount we are seeking for is USD/EUR 10,000 from each higher institution sponsor.

As a sponsor, you will have access to educational materials and skills development courses that you can use among your personnel, with a combined estimated value of USD 24,815, as stated above. Additionally, you will be part of an exclusive group of sponsors, and your sponsorship will be visible in a number of public contexts, also as stated above.

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